the end of second grade


It’s been hitting me recently when I look at my little V how she really isn’t little anymore. There are split of a second moments that I see my future teenager, or this pre-teen who will emerge in a few short years; moments where I realize my little girls is making memories that I may not be a part of. I think I’m a little emotional at how suddenly my little V is growing up into this young lady!


I asked the huzband today if he thought we were doing a good job raising V and I realize all this is going on with me because we are saying goodbye to the end of another school year.  Another year has passed and with it the trials of navigating a seven-year old’s sassiness and attitude; another year balancing an independent young girl’s changing life as she became a big sister.  We have reached the end of second grade.

I thought about just curling up, eating M&M’s and crying but that seemed a bit excessive…for now.  Instead, on the way to her sleepover at school, I decided to interview her and record it.  Here is that transcript!



[Italics represents me. Non italics is Velda.]

This is your last night as a second grader, how does that make you feel?


Happy?  Why are you happy?

Um, because I’m going to be a third grader next year.

What is it about third grade that excites you?

I can learn times I’m guessing and new stuff.


So what are you doing tonight?

Having a school sleepover.

How fun!!  What are you going to do tonight at your sleepover?

Sleep at my school and watch Shaggy Dog.  And we get to, after our school, after we go to the gym, we get to put our pajamas on and we get to go outside with some popsicles.  [Side note for you readers, they are taking a trip to a local gymnastics place to spend a few hours before coming back to the school to sleep.]


You’re going outside in pajamas!!!  Do you know why you get to do that?

Because our last day of school and I’m guessing because our teachers are going to miss us.

And because we live in Alaska and it’s daylight till like 11pm right now!  What are you doing tomorrow?

Going to umm…

Happy Trails Kennel with Martin Buser.  He won the Iditarod four times!!

And we get to roast marshmallows with him!

Roast marshmallow’s, ooo!!  


So what was different about being in second grade?

… [Silence]

Think about your whole year, tell me something that was different about your year?

I actually got to have some new friends and learn and they told me cool stuff.

Like what kind of cool stuff?

Like, um, they went on a trip to Hawaii or something.

Is there anything you are going to miss about second grade?

It’s going to be easy.

You’re going to miss that it was easy?  Do you think it’s going to be harder in third grade?

I’m guessing


Is there anything else you want to say about second grade?

I’m going to miss it.

You’re going to miss it?  But you get the same teacher next year, right?  Mr. Sidelinger and Miss Goldbeck.  That’s pretty cool!



So there you have it folks.  On her last night as a second grader, we got to see a glimpse into the mind of an almost third grader.

Also known as my growing up way too quickly little V!!!

Velda’s Corner

imageI love this toothless smile, V has since lost her other front tooth as of last night

Don’t ask me how but my daughter knows about Facebook.  I don’t know if she fully grasps what it is, however what she does understand is people share pictures and videos for their friends to see.  I have shown her pictures of her cousins, funny cat videos that were posted, new babies that were born and more.

imageV snuggling with one of Lola’s many puppies

Now, don’t think my 7-year-old browses Facebook daily.  It’s more a once in a while I come upon something she might enjoy (or she peeks over my shoulder and asks, ‘what’s that?’).  Non the less, she knows the name “Facebook”, so when moments come where she wants me to take a video of her dancing with her dog, or wants me to take a picture of a funny face or a crafty art paper she created, one of two phrases have been known to be spouted out.  Either “mom put this on Facebook“, which majority of the time doesn’t happen, or “mom, DON’T put this on Facebook“, which has been known to happen!  (ha ha)  Okay, usually even then I don’t.

20141223-053848.jpgat the Alaska state far holding some interesting reptiles

One of these moments happened in March while the huzband was away on his missions trip.  Little V was doing something where she wanted me to take a picture and put it on Facebook.  We got to talking about how having her own outlet to share her thoughts and creativity would be nice.  I described how I use my blog as an outlet for myself and then the idea came to me, to create a little corner on my blog for her.  A place where she can share the silly pictures she makes, a place to store away the stories she creates, a place to share with her family the thoughts of a little girl!


She has seen my blog before, mainly to look at the pictures and you should have seen her face when I said she could be a part of it.  Pure excitement.  We chatted some more about some ideas she had before settling in for a movie.

20150426-100259.jpgfour-wheeling in Eureka last summer

That night as I was heading to bed, I peaked in on my little V one more  time.  There laying next to her bed was a pencil and her notebook opened up to a page that she had begun writing on.  It had two simple words and a picture she drew.  What were those two words that made this momma chuckle to herself?  She wrote, “I blog“.

20150426-103646.jpgsalmon fishing on the Deshka last summer

So I (finally) introduce you to Velda’s Corner. What silly, wonderous pondering’s will my seven-year old come up with, who knows but I look forward to finding out!

20150426-103632.jpgV with her faithful friend Gus (my dad’s dog, also the father of Lola’s many puppies)